PT. Masinton Abadi Sentosa was established in Jakarta on 17 September 2007. The company began its trading activity by providing oil transportation service. Today, the company has acquired trust from national and international oil companies to distribute oil (High Speed Diesel) across Indonesia.

PT. Masinton Abadi Sentosa hires highly skilled experts in the process of supplying and distributing particular oil product for industrial, manufacturing, mining and shipping industry. Our company is equipped by complete supporting facilities. The company has signed the storage and handling service agreement with the Vopak Jakarta Thank Terminal. With this agreement, our company is able to purchase and distribute oil products from the suppliers to our clients in effective and efficient manner. In supporting our business activity, we are also supported by our own oil transporter trucks that have been fully legalized under Indonesian law.

In the highly competitive oil trading business, PT. Masinton Abadi Sentosa is growing so fast and gaining trust from suppliers (international and national) and users in Indonesia. This incredible growth is possible because we always deliver prime service.

This prime delivery service contain of :
1. On time delivery service
2. Competitive price based on the client’s requested volume
3. The possibility to make the term of payment in the form of credit
4. Guaranteed Legally processed products and save delivery

PT. Masinton Abadi Sentosa sets the highest standard of oil distributor service in order to cope with the rapid development of Indonesia economy. With the booming of industrial sector,

manufacture and mining all across Indonesia, our company is ready to maintain current service quality and further enhance company’s competitive value.